Birthing Preparation

Let's make sure you're ready

Knowledge is Empowering!

This is a Choice-based AND Skills-based Birthing Preparation class. By this I mean that you will learn how to make informed choices as well as learn the skills needed to help labor progress and skills to cope with labor, even if planning to use pain medication, the knowledge and skills will help you make that decision and get to that point. I strive to make sure all my clients are heard and concerns are addressed. 

Know your options and become invested in your pregnancy and birth. My classes are designed for the pregnant person AND her husband/partner/support person. Husbands/partners/support people should feel confident in knowing how to support her during labor and birth as well as be her advocate. 

New and exciting! I am now offering Birthing classes at Rutland Regional Medical Center!

In-person, group and one-on-one private classes are offered. Registration is required.

Not your first time? I also offer Birthing Again – A Refresher class. These are scheduled upon request and are a one time 2.5 hour class. Please contact me for details.

This Course Covers:

  • Understanding the pregnant body
  • Changes the last few weeks of pregnancy
  • Signs of labor
  • Importance of movement during labor
  • Understanding relaxation and HOW to relax
  • Stages and phases of labor and birth
  • Hospital interventions
  • Pain management options – medical and
  • Breath awareness …and much more!

Register by 20 weeks of pregnancy, OR ASAP IF PAST 20 WEEKS, to ensure space in the proper class.
** Your Health Insurance provider may reimburse up to $120. HSA accepted **

Birthing Preparation Class Schedule

2-Part Childbirth Preparation

Saturday and Sunday 9am – 2:30pm

$155 (includes up to 2 people)

June 1 & 2 – Rutland

July 13 & 14 – Rutland RRMC

August 3 & 4 – Dorset

August 17 & 18 – Rutland RRMC

September 21 & 22 – Rutland

October 5 & 6 – Manchester Center

December 7 & 8 – Rutland